Twittering about Facebook, and, of course, Autism

Yes, I have joined the ranks of  millions who twitter.

As a Facebook addict, I rebelled at first.  What, no pictures?!  No Farm Town?!  People will start  to “follow” me,but won’t be my “friends” ?!  But, I’m worth $3.3 million dollars on Farm Town!

You will love it, give it a chance, said sister Maxine.  Follow people,  and they will follow you.  Look for people that twitter about Autism, or what ever else you’re interested in, AND  keep up with it!!  She bellowed.  Ok.   She didn’t bellow, but she typed: IN  ALL CAPITALS!!!

So I have been twittering for a few days now, and am just starting to get the hang of it.  Things are said short, but not always said so simply.   That is where the “lingo” I am just starting to learn, comes in.  DM, means: direct mail me.  Learned this from another Autism mom when she wanted the someone to DM her the scoop on the first 1/2 hour of “House”.  NO!, I typed to her, I have not seen it yet!!  That’s why I wanted it DM-ed to me, so no one else would see it,she typed in return. <Oops, sorry>   Then she graciously clued me in to the DM.

The more I learn about this new way of publicly declaring myself, the more I understand how it can become addicting.   On Facebook, you gather friends from your past and also make new ones via the games and groups that you play and join.  Twittering is more about the ‘right now”, and  not so  much about reminiscing with old High School pals.  It’s  more about chit chatting  current  topics, and social dilemmas,  sometimes with perfect strangers, and a few celebrities, now and then.

With Twittering, you can create your own forum, or jump into someone else’s.  I can vent about my day with Autism, also known as my son Mattie, or I can tweet a comment about one of my favorite TV shows, or what is going on in Afghanistan.  It is the short version of the world all wrapped up in 140 letters, numbers and spaces.  I can tell the world of my new blog post and still be able to find a new Dora episode on TV for Mattie to watch all under a minute.

For expressing myself to hearts desire, I’ll keep my blog.   For harvesting pineapples with my new “friend” Marlene from Sydney, Australia, and catching up with old chums Liz, Karen, and Janet, I’ll stick with Facebook.  But when I have just one minute, or a few, I’ll Twitter,which may win in the long run,  because with Autism, sometimes all you have, is one minute to yourself.