Club Autism

Kath has Mattie Signing MORE
Kath has Mattie Signing MORE

The Club.

It is a Club you Never want to be a Member of.

Once *You* (and I mean your child AND Family) are a Member, you are a life member.

The Club Dues are very hard:

You WILL lose friends (they were never true friends)

You will lose LOTS of money (medical evaluations are extremely costly, annual, and most are not covered by insurance)

You will need special and expensive equipment ( adaptive wheel chairs, indoor swings hung from support beams….)

Ordinary babysitters will not do, you will need specially trained staff-usually ASL, CPI and trained in behaviors… this means they are very expensive..

Non-verbal children will need Adaptive Tec equipment to be able to communicate

Then there are: the constant flux of people coming in and out of your home (essentially you will have no privacy), Home trainers, SLP, Evaluate-rs form ARC, DDD, Public School trainers… this list is never-ending…

Stress on you, Stress on child, Stress on everyone.

The Club Benefits:

You will meet and befriend some of the MOST incredible Human beings on the planet… and they will “have your Back”, love you for who you are, and never judge you…

Club Autism.

1 in 50 children in school today.

I bet you know Someone in The Club….