Being Positive and Autism

I’ll admit it.  I read the book “The Secret”.  Basically it deals with positive begets positive.  I have found with Autism, and with life in general, nothing is truer.

A great example of this is my friend Darla.  I just saw her this morning in the local Target.  She spotted me, smiled, and before I could say anything, she told me I looked fabulous.  Ms. Darla  just draws you in with her good nature and charm, and can instantly improve your mood.   This is a woman with an Autistic son, who requires a great deal of care,  and still never has a bad thing to say about anyone-unless it is constructive, and well thought.

Positivity works wonders with Autistic kids.  A “Great Job!”, with a smile can make a trying ABA session progress with no or less bad behavior from the student.  Being a constant cheerleader can be exhausting, but the rewards are enormous.  Positive reinforcement can be a miracle worker.  It can get a dog  to sit, motivate subordinates to be more productive in the workplace, and even help potty train a child.  And when YOU act in a positive manner, even if it is not genuine in the beginning, it seems to manifest itself,  and in the interim,  gets  you in a better mood.

So, next time you answer the phone, smile.  Even if you’re by yourself.  The person on the other end will hear your positivity, even though they can’t see you.

Oh, and one more thing.  You look Fabulous today!!