New Beginings

The Holidays are now over and the New Year has begun.  Now what.  Time to get out all those goals you have been reciting to yourself once January came around.  Diets.  Organization.  Frugalness.  Great Hope, for you and your family, until normality re-sets in.  Back to old habits, with maybe a few new good ones thrown in.

For me, none of this take place until the snow is gone.  My true renewal.  When my garden starts to tell me it’s time to be reborn.  Only then can I start to think of the new year’s goals.  I need to see the birds return, the trees start to bud and the daffodils poke their heads up towards the sunshine.  Here in New England, that’s going to be a while, as we have just begun our deep freeze.

So it looks like I still have some time for comfort foods, warm blankets and old movies.  Still a few months before I need to re-design my life and body, with labeled bins and low carb meals.  Still a little time before I need to start what I truly do every spring-Procrastinate

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