Autism Hint of the Week #3

Get to a Support Group.  And not for the reasons-initially- you may think.

First, obviously you’ll need to find one.  A great resource for this is The ARC, and the Northeast Arc  Which is, in general, for all Developmentally Disabled people.  Also ASC -Autism Support Center in the Northeast, can be a great help.

Many would believe that when you go to a support group, everyone sits around and cries while others console them.  Once in a great while, this does in fact happen, but mostly it is an exchange of  ideas on how to cope with your child and his/her unique problems.  And  many times there are some great ideas for resources-funding- for your child’s needs.

THIS  could be some of the BEST information you will ever receive regarding your child.  There are resources out there that you need to tap into.  Being in a support group can show you the way to these, and also towards great workshops, lending libraries, PCA help (Personal Care Attendants), RESPIT help and funding, and “allocated Funds”-the magic wording for monies given to you to be spent appropriately on your child.

So if you are not in a GREAT Support group, like mine,with amazing staff moderating-“Hello to Maria and Nicole”- find one.  And quickly.

And yes, in the end, you will find friends who will join you on your journey to find well being, for both you and your child.

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