Autism Hint of The Week #2

Don’t wait in Waiting rooms.  Doctors Appointments, Dentist Exams, and other frequent visits that require a wait before being seen, can be a deal breaker for how well the actual visit goes, with an Autistic child.  Call ahead before you get to the office of the appointment, ask them if they are running on time, and tell them your child is Autistic and doesn’t wait well.  Ask them to take your cell number and call you when they are ready for you to be seen.  Assure them you will be right outside their door, and just want to keep your child calm and get the most from your visit.  I even have popped my head in my Pediatrician’s office to tell them “We’re here!” and then Mattie and I do laps in their nice big building, till they call me that the nurse is ready for us.  It NEVER hurts to ask for this kind of help, they would rather have your child calm than tantruming in their waiting room!!

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  1. what do you do when you’re grown, but it’s not any easier, and there’s no one who can help? currently pretty much confined to home on O2 because somehow pneumonia got that bad…trying to strategize appointments and therapies and i don’t drive and i can’t walk to the bus stop yet…home health care tells me i have to get here, do that…but how? how do i explain that i can’t, when even i think i should? and who do i explain to?

  2. a local hospital does something that i wish came standard. when you come in to see one of their specialists, they hand you a little gizmo that rings when it’s your turn. you don’t have to stick right in the area, you can even go to the cafeteria. and you don’t have to wonder if that name you might have heard while trancing was yours and you weren’t listening…and how do you explain that you heard that just now five minutes ago?
    either the electronic gizmo lights up and sounds off, or it doesn’t. easy. i love it.

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