Love Will Wait

When we got Mattie a Giant swing set, my rose garden was too close to where he would be running around, so I (GASP) dug them all up, and planted peony there instead. They are soft leaved and only flower in the spring so he would not ruin them if he ran through them.
Last week I sold Mattie’s swing set. It went to a nice family that would enjoy it like Mattie had, and the day after it was gone, I dug up those peony I had come to hate.
You are not going to believe what I found under that huge 6×10 foot peony bed.
No NOT kittens or Yorkie puppies, that would be just too cosmic even for me to handle..
BUT, a climbing red rose had survived.   Seven years it had grown there, under all those peony.
I spent all this week digging and coddling that red rose bush, and today I put it back up on a trellis.

Lesson Learned.
Sometimes what you really love is waiting for you, right there in front of you, till you are able to love it again.


Feature image: “Blush” By Karen Gorrell

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