Just Another Typical Morning in My World

It’s 9 am, on a bright Spring morning, and I am boppin’ down the aisle of a large local plant nursery. Taylor Dane’s “Tell it to my Heart” is rocking out of the overhead speakers, and I am whistling to the tune, checking out the African violets.

Then I get *THAT* feeling…

THAT feeling that I am being watched.

I glance up. store is pretty empty. Really only a few of us in it. An elderly man about 90+ is directly ahead of me, maybe 6 feet away, looking intently at the spider plants.


Behind me, about 20 feet away, two female employees are chit-chatting. No one else around I can see….

Huh. Shake my head… I am just hyper-sensitive, I guess….

“You have an admirer….” says a deep baritone voice ahead of me.

It is the elderly gent.

I smile coyly at him, “I DO, do I….”

A deep crimson blush overtakes his entire face.

“Oh, ho ho…” he chuckles.

“I was referring to HIM.”, he said with a glance at the space between us, and towards my feet.

I raise my eyebrows and look down…

Sitting directly in front of me, is a large, old, orange cat.

“His name is Butterscotch, and he has been following you since you walked in.”


“What can I Say…” I tell him with a wink, “Older Dudes love me…”

He blushes again, winks at me and strolls down the aisle.

Just another Typical morning in my world…. :D

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