Feral Fred and Mattie’s Pond

Tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day.   For one year, our family had the pleasure of including one of the BEST cats we’ve ever had.  Feral Fred.  He “just showed up”  one day in May of 2008, and by July of that year, was totaly domesticated and the friendliest cat  people had ever met.  My neighbor, Sharon and I joyfully fought as to who would keep him, as we both had been feeding him together, for months.  I won, and after a trip to the vet for shots, and being Neutered, he came to live with us.  He stayed inside all through the  winter-happily- but got antsy in the Spring of 2009, so he went out in the day, and came  in at night.  He helped me build the pond and stream this year, as he “had”  to roll in EVERY  spot I dug, before I planted in it.  He was the first to walk across the new bridge, the first creature to drink from the pond, and brought our family dinner of a vole or mouse every night, sometimes twice.  A few days before the forth of July, Fred went out at the crack of dawn, as usual, and never came home.  A neighbor called me later that day to say she has seen a coyote in my front yard that morning and to be careful.  Not sure what ever became of Feral Fred.  Would like to believe that someone scooped him up because he was so lovable.  That’s what I’m going to believe.

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  1. Sandy: What a beautiful kitty that found a loving home for a short while. I rescue cats, and have 10 presently, down from 12. I live in Fairbanks, AK and all my kitties but one have showed up in my yard, though none were ever feral, just abandoned kitties. I too hope someone scooped him up, but I would suspect the coyote found him, as he would’ve come home to you. If that is the case, his short life was blessed by your love and kindness, as I’m sure you were blessed by his love, trust and warmth.

    Blessings, Marty

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